Callback widget setup with Yandex Metrics

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1. In your personal account in Yandex, under «Metrics» create a new counter by clicking on «Add counter».

  • Counter name — any value (you will see this in your personal Yandex account only).
  • Website address — your website's domain, for example,
  • Additional addresses — if your website has several mirror domains, you need to add them in this field.
  • Time zone — your timezone.
  • Currency and visit timeout in minutes for Callback widget work are not used.
    • 2. When a new counter is created, you need to open the tab «Counter code» and copy it into your website's code under any place with the tag <body>.

      Please note! This is a mandatory condition.

      3. Open tab «Goals» and click «Add goal».

      • Name — any value.
      • Condition type — JavaScript-event.
      • Goal ID — any value, this will be used for event settings in your personal Zadarma account.

      In the same way, you can create a separate goal for delayed calls with another identification.

      4. In your personal Zadarma account open «Services» - «Callback button».

      Under the tab «Main» in «Event for analytics» enter the following code: ym(12345678,'reachGoal','ZCallback');; where:

      • 12345678 — your counter number from your personal Yandex Metrics account of (tab «Common»).
      • ZCallback — goal identification, set by you in the previous step.

      Click «Save Widget». Saved settings will be enabled after 10 minutes (not instantly).

      Now when clicking on the «Waiting for call» button on your website, widget will send information about the event to Yandex Metrics. Information about goal achievement can be viewed in your personal Yandex Metrics account under «Reports» - «Conversions».