Shopify VoIP Phone System Integration

Shopify is a popular user-friendly ecommerce platform. The system has allowed small to medium sized businesses to build online stores through one centralised dashboard. Shopify can be accessed through a paid subscription with different levels of capability offered through a full suite of management tools, such as product sourcing, sales tracking, shipping, customer accounts and sales reporting.

Zadarma PBX phone system works seamlessly when paired with Shopify. Zadarma offers free Shopify integration without the need for additional modules or intermediaries. An integrated VoIP phone system paired with Shopify, provides a fully integrated, highly secure ecommerce and phone communication solution.

Integrating Shopify with Zadarma, in 5 Simple Steps

Integration is straightforward, when you follow these 5 simple steps. You can also find more information on this integration on the Zadarma website here:

1. Download and install the Zadarma app

It is important to note that Shopify and Zadarma PBX phone system integration works best when all team members have the iOS, Apple or Android application downloaded onto their device. It is advisable you download and install the Zadarma app before you attempt to integrate Shopify into your phone system. You can access these application downloads here:

  1. Zadarma iOS app
  2. Zadarma Android app
  3. Zadarma Windows app

2. Create a Zadarma account and set up the virtual PBX

Creating an account and setting up your PBX phone system is a quick and easy process that takes a couple of minutes, through following the wizard set up commands.

3. Enable Shopify & install the Shopify app

To enable Shopify you will need to go to your Zadarma personal account settings and click through to "Settings - Integrations and API". You will then need to choose Shopify and click “Enable”. You will need to enter your ecommerce store name. When you click “Continue". This will allow you to log into Shopify. After logging into Shopify click “Install app” to install the integration app.

Shopify enabling with Zadarma

4. Choose an extension number

Once the Shopify installation is complete you will be forwarded to Zadarma personal account. You now need to choose your PBX virtual extension number. This is the number that will be integrated with Shopify. The integration setup and management are only available to the Shopify admins.

Shopify extension number

5. Making a call

You are now able to make a call through Shopify; In Shopify go to the “Customers” tab, and open a client card. To make a call, you simply go to “More Actions" and click on “Callback.” This will initiate a call back to your PBX extension number, and once the call is picked up it will be directed to the client's number. You are able to have full access to your call history via the “Call History” tab.

Shopify customer call

What are the benefits of VoIP integration with Shopify?

Seamless call and order handling

With the Zadarma application and Shopify integration, you can easily make calls to customers, through the Shopify platform itself. With the Shopify-Zadarma integration, when receiving an inbound call, the customer name and history will appear on your VoIP phone, so you can instantly access all their past order and conversation history. There is no need to manually look for order information while you put your customers on hold. The Shopify with Zadarma phone system integration, allows you to access customer details right where you need it the most within the ecommerce platform itself.

Contextual conversations

Shopify’s integration with Zadarma allows your sales and customer service teams to have relevant conversations with their customers. With Zadarma-Shopify integration you will have custom details at your fingertips. You can quickly gain the customer’s name, previous order history details, and tracking details of current orders and call notes, through this integration, avoiding the need to put the caller on hold. With this critical information, you can ensure call cadence remains fast and that you provide more of a personliased conversation to your customers.

Clear Tracking Of Orders

With the Zadarma and Shopify integration, you are able to pull up the customer order history, track current orders, cancel orders, and issue refunds very quickly. There is no need to switch between two technology systems to initiate refunds, or to process or change orders. The order tracking process is much faster with this integration, and long term provides a high level of user experience, leaving customers highly satisfied.

Access to call recordings from Shopify interface

Your customer care or sales team are able to access all card recordings through the Shopify interface. This can be useful for all sorts of reasons including when sorting resolutions as well as recounting specific order details.

Shopify calls statistics


Zadarma has seen a surge in users integrating the Zadarma PBX phone system with the Shopify ecommerce platform. Zadarma is affordable and easier to use, and holds similar benefits to that of the Shopify platform. Shopify has been rated one of the easier ecommerce platforms for small to medium sized businesses to operate. The interface is clear and offers multiple sales channels and a simple order processing workflow. Zadarma has been renowned for its easy to use system, offering free access to the PBX, highly affordable call plans and free integration with Shopify.

Both Zadarma and Shopify provide a highly secure technology solution, offering a fully integrated and managed ecommerce and communication platform. A ready to go, one-stop-shop for any business, handling all of the technical details for you. You can get started with no upfront investment, populating your store using Shopify’s built-in dropship and wholesale networks and setting up the PBX phone system to support call handling.

Zadarma is providing businesses with a reliable, secure and scalable phone system that integrates easily with Shopify through following a few simple steps. You can empower your communication and ecommerce strategy through this integration, actively improving sales and customer handling performance, leveraging the automation and analytics that both systems provide, through one central business solution. Zadarma’s integration with Shopify provides you with a strong foundation to scale and grow your ecommerce business.