voip for hotels

The hospitality sector has faced disruption from advances in technology. Agile hotel operators are able to realise profit opportunities, whilst others struggle to maintain existing business models. Ubiquitous adoption of smartphones has driven the need for app-based services across hotels. Hotel owners and managers recognise that by providing technologies like VoIP they can sustain and operate high-quality customer service and customer retention strategies. Cloud PBX (Business Phone System) solutions are being used increasingly across hotels globally with simple, smart solutions that integrate a variety of features through a central cloud communication platform.

The potential benefits to the implementation of VoIP across your hotel are significant. Here are our top six favourite advantages, we have seen from hotels when adopting VoIP.

1. Call Transfers Across Locations

A PBX system combines internal and external communications within a single call directory. Internal transfers and call routing can be processed seamlessly between different hotel locations or between two departments within one hotel entity. Hotel managers may transfer a caller to a sister hotel when there are no vacancies at their site. This smooth transfer provides a high-quality experience for the potential hotel guest. Transfers can be made to restaurants, spas or sport facility departments within hotels for residents or non-residents, who are simply looking to make a booking.

2. Automated Attendance / Auto-Receptionist

The PBX solution offers an automated attendance pick up service, ensuring the phone is always answered even if the receptionist has stepped away from the reception desk. When there is a surge in calls, the auto attendance can kick in to support a reception desk. This reduces the number of voicemails and missed communication opportunities.

3. Call Monitoring and Tracking

With the right PBX partner, you will have automated monitoring and tracking of all calls included. This will reduce the need to closely monitor staff. Managers can track calls, gain feedback and review call log information to help improve guest experience as well as hotel team performance.

4. Third-Party Tech Support

When a phone line goes down it can often take days for repairs to be completed. This can be detrimental to any hotel business. With a PBX VoIP solution in place, hotels are often up and running again in minutes. With an easy to use, self-managed, VoIP solution in place, there will be no additional expense of requiring in-house IT employees to assist with VoIP management. In addition, providers such as Zadarma’s offer a 24/7 support team who are on hand, if issues do arise.

5. Scalable Services

If you are a hotel owner or hotel manager with a growth ambition, then there will come a time when additional phone lines or locations will be required. Additional phone lines will mean additional hardware plus additional time, set up and added costs. A PBX system, however, will allow a hotel to simply add more lines when needed with no additional hardware wiring, which provides huge scalability benefits.

Zadarma specialises in providing their Cloud PBX to a variety of industries, one being the hospitality and hotel sector. This PBX is popular with hotels across the world, as an affordable, ready-made simple to use solution. You can simply connect to the network via the internet while your hotel phone system is created and maintained on the operator’s servers.

The hospitality industry has recognised the benefits of moving telecommunications to the cloud. A PBX also provides an opportunity for additional revenue streams offering customisable guest communication. Hotels can provide guest telecommunications services and charge additional fees based on volume and usage. A cloud-based PBX system is highly beneficial for single hotels as well as large hotel groups. A well-designed PBX system, like Zadarma, is widely recognised as a secure, cost-effective, scalable solution that can be applied and integrated globally.