Zadarma phone system Pipedrive integration

For those who are not familiar with Pipedrive, this solution is a cloud-based sales-related customer relationship management tool designed specifically for sales teams. Zadarma’s PBX phone system integrates seamlessly with Pipedrive, without additional modules or intermediaries. Integrating Pipedrive with your phone system will streamline every sales action involved in converting a potential deal into a successful sale. Pipedrive can be accessed through a web browser as well as mobile applications.

Pipedrive provides full visibility of different sales pipelines, through a comprehensive interface, which displays the level of against each sales deal. Furthermore, the activity and goal features allow users to track the pending activities in each pipeline. Pipedrive also offers custom sales reporting tools to monitor individual and team-level targets, analyze sales data, and generate visual reports.

How easy is it to integrate Pipedrive with Zadarma’s Phone System?

If you are a Pipedrive CRM user, and you are looking for a phone system that can quickly integrate with your CRM, then Zadarma’s PBX phone system will provide a turn-key solution. The PBX phone system has been widely adopted by Pipedrive business users. To enable the integration you will need to have created and set up Zadarma’s PBX.

The setup process takes a matter of minutes. Once you have followed the instructions, you will be able to go into your "Settings - Integrations and API" and select and enable Pipedrive through a couple of clicks. Once you return to your Zadarma personal account and open Pipedrive again, you can then assign your phone system extension numbers to your team members, which will further enable the integration features.

When you return to Pipedrive you will be able to open a client card, which will now feature the call icon next to the phone number. By clicking through to this you will initiate a call back to the PBX extension number, and after pickup the call will be sent to the client's number. Call recording and incoming SMS messages will appear in the contact feed.

Zadarma Pipedrive integration

The benefits of integrating Zadarma’s phone system with Pipedrive

Pipedrive paired with Zadarma’s PBX is a perfect combination for small to medium-growing businesses. If you are looking to better organize and streamline your sales pipelines, Pipedrive integrated with a PBX phone system is an affordable and straightforward solution. Let’s now explore some of the benefits of this perfect pairing.

  1. Workflow Optimisation - Make Calls And Prioritise Leads In One Click

  2. If you are a growing lean team, then handling a range of enquiries every month, may feel like a juggle. You may risk losing track of which leads to prioritise. Integrating Pipedrive with Zadarma’s phone system holds huge benefits. Sales team users can focus on leads in a way that best suits their sales process. You can also take a look at the lead in a list that earmarks leads based on their likelihood of buying and notes the last activity date. This is vitally useful, ensuring no leads are lost. As you select a lead to work on, you are given access to all communication and notes per deal conversation, so that you know exactly what is going on and where the prospect stands in the sales cycle.

  3. Store Contacts And Record Your Calls And SMS In the Client Feed

  4. If your sales and customer services teams need to improve their customer satisfaction levels and monitor the effectiveness of their efforts, then integrating Pipedrive with a virtual phone system will help. Through integrating Pipedrive with Zadarma’s virtual PBX phone system, you can easily anticipate customer’s needs in real time with the customer profile automatically populating from the incoming calls and emails.

    Customer services team can record, make, and store notes on each call. Customer care teams can therefore go into call and email conversations with valuable data, insights and background history, and understanding of their customers to ensure their conversations are more personable. Furthermore, you can initiate a new contact to be created during an incoming call from a new number or an outgoing call to a new number.

    The level of integration helps you grow your database effectively whilst keeping track of relationships with existing and potential clients and partners, conveniently plan call and email daily tasks, and provides views and reports on team performance. This provides a clear review on team accountability and communication effectiveness.

  5. Centralised Communication & Sales Solution

  6. Integrating Pipedrive with a virtual PBX like Zadarma will result in a centralized communication and sales solution. Pipedrive provides clear transparency on pipeline performance alongside an integrated phone system and its multiple features. With Zadarma’s PBX you can leverage various features such as call routing, call recording, and call forwarding. All calls can be captured in Pipedrive so sales cadence can be closely monitored in line with outbound and inbound call status.

    Many business owners and senior managers have seen improvements across their customer satisfaction levels and within sales deal conversions through the integration of Pipedrive with a PBX phone system.

  7. Call Analytics & Speech Recognition From Call Recordings

  8. Integrating Zadarma’s phone system with Pipedrive, will allow you to leverage PBX features such as call statistics and call recordings. This will allow you to listen to your conversations with clients directly via Pipedrive’s CRM, with all the relevant call and sales analytics available in one system.

    Speech recognition from call recordings is one example of such features, proving a vital tool for sales professionals. Zadarma’s speech recognition call analytics features allow data access to every internal or external call conversation. This will allow Pipedrive users to analyze speech on their own. The feature creates a dual-channel call recording and then AI converts the speech into text. In your personal account interface, you will be able to see the transcription of the operator's conversation with a client. With the “transcribe all calls” feature you can transcribe all incoming and outgoing calls from this extension number to text format. The recording is already saved, so you can go back whenever you wish. Speech recognition methods are already available through Zadarma’s API .

Why Integrate Pipedrive with Zadarma’s Phone System?

Many businesses are choosing to integrate Pipedrive with Zadarma’s PBX Phone system as it is simple, affordable, and a highly effective sales customer management solution. You can quickly harmonize key functions between sales and customer services teams. Integration of your VoIP phone solution with a CRM like Pipedrive will allow you to keep all the necessary information about your client at your fingertips. If you are a sales-driven growing business then the combination of Pipedrive CRM integrated with Zadarma’s PBX will allow you to maximize your correspondence to designated prospects through a few simple clicks.

There are a variety of sales-driven CRM providers out there. Some systems are more cumbersome to integrate than others. Pipedrive integrated with Zadarma’s phone system complement each other. Both are well respected, affordable, and highly agile from an integration perspective. If you would like to understand more about Zadarma’s PBX phone system, and how to integrate Pipedrive, then please reach out to Zadarma today or visit our web pages for more information.