Zadarma News: fifth page

New data center in Kazakhstan


The new data center was launched in Kazakhstan (Almaty). If you use Firewall (regardless of your geographical location), to use our service we recommend providing access to the following network:

This data center will allow us to improve communication quality for clients from Kazakhstan and countries nearby, and will also allow us to implement additional data backup schemes.

We continue to expand the network of our data centers around the world to maintain the highest quality of our service.

New ZCRM features: deals, speech recognition, convenient features


Free Zadarma CRM system now has several new features.

  • Deals. Track all client transactions with a convenient new Deals tab;
  • Call transcription. You can look up a certain call in ZCRM interface;
  • Customizable tables. You can add more required columns to tables in Customers, Leads, Teams, Tasks and Deals tabs;
  • Filters “Any responsible employee” and "Tasks". These new filters will make searching and sorting contacts more convenient;
  • Exporting selected contacts. You can now export selected customers and leads.

More about ZCRM new capabilities in our blog.

Zadarma API biggest expansion yet: 60+ new methods


Functionality of open Zadarma API has been increased. Over 60 new methods in three different categories were added:

  1. Choosing and connecting phone numbers;
  2. Enabling and setting virtual PBX (as well as IVR music files);
  3. Reseller account creation and settings (these features are available upon request).

Coverage expansion and lowered mobile number prices


New mobile numbers are now offered in these 5 countries — Austria, Italy, Colombia, Lithuania , Malaysia.

And monthly fees on mobile numbers for the following countries have been lowered: Australia and France.

Creating multilevel voice menu yourself


A library for working with IVR with API was created. You can now create a multilevel voice menu for PBX for any requests. All you need is to download the library to your web-server and edit configurations file.

An example for voice menu creation and IVR details can be found in our blog.