Zadarma News: fifth page

Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are now included in the bundles


Baltic states – Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia – are now included in the EU bundles. Communicate with European countries at the most attractive rates.

The bundles include call minutes to all countries in the EU, virtual numbers and extended PBX features (voice menu, internal and external lines, video conference live-stream to YouTube)/

Zadarma integration with Freshdesk


Zadarma PBX free and official integration with helpdesk-system Freshdesk is now available.

Integration features:

  • Calls to Freshdesk clients in one click from the browser using a built-in web-phone (WebRTC);
  • Automatic ticket creation during incoming calls;
  • Call recording integration to tickets. Access recordings straight from Freshdesk interface.

Several external lines for PBX


You can now connect several external lines (numbers from other providers) to our free PBX. It is possible to connect up to 20 external lines and choose a number of outgoing and incoming channels for each of them separately.

Please note: for external number connection provider needs to support SIP call forwarding.

Integrations with HubSpot CRM and YouTube


The official free integration with a popular HubSpot CRM system is now available.

Integration features:

  • Calls to HubSpot clients in one click;
  • Pop-up call notifications, ticket creation;
  • Call statistics and recordings integration;
  • Access to call recordings from HubSpot interface.

There is also a new feature available in our free video conferencing service: YouTube live streaming with an ability to store recordings on video hosting servers. The feature is available for Office and Corporation bundles.

Joint audio and video conferences, increased rooms and participants limits


You can now join audio and video conferences. You just need to create 2 conferences and add number 00300 (entering room pin). There is also an option to join a videoconference without internet connection – by call a number in any of 40 countries.

Moreover, the number of possible video conference participants has been doubled.