Zadarma Project News: fifth page

Updated Zadarma app for iOS


We have released a new, fully updated version of the Zadarma app for iOS . In addition to complete redesign, we have improved the app functionality - push notification support for the extended work in the background mode and the phone battery usage reduction. The new version is already available in the App Store .

Cost reduction on calls to Kazakhstan


We have made a significant cost reduction on calls to Kazakhstan . Additionally, we offer a half a year, 50% discount on the monthly fees for all Kazakhstan virtual phone numbers . The offer is valid until July 31, 2018.

Website rebranding


We have rebranded our main website! We changed the website layout and content, created new services descriptions, added video examples and landing pages for our main products.

Expanding the geography of virtual phone numbers


New virtual phone numbers available:

New Zadarma feature - Phone Number Database Checks

New Zadarma feature announcement - Phone number database checks, enabling you to receive an up-to-date phone number status information. This feature is based on the information provided by the mobile phone operators and lets you know if the phone numbers are inactive or use international roaming service. You can enter the contact list manually or upload it to the specific field. Regular clients benefit from automatic discounts.