Zadarma Project News: fifth page

The new and most efficient Zadarma App for Android


A fully updated Zadarma app for Android is now available in Google Play. Thanks to push-notifications there is no need to waste your data and battery in the background – you can always receive calls.

Other updates:

  • A new user-friendly design;
  • Smart push-notifications allow you to not keep the app running in the background – calls will come through anyways;
  • G729 codec and new Android versions support was added;
  • Now you can copy numbers;
  • Correct work with incoming calls on the devices that do not have time synchronization with Google servers;
  • Instant SMS-messages sending.

The app still supports work with the free Cloud PBX and several Zadarma accounts. You can send any offers and suggestions regarding the app via our on-line chat. You can also find a link to the previous version of the app on the instructions page.

UK freephone +44800 numbers become free


UK numbers +44800 and +44808 are now available with no connection or monthly fees! Calls on these numbers are free for anyone calling from the UK and the cost of the call is covered by the owner of the number. Freephone number is a perfect solution for your business if your sales or support departments work with clients from the United Kingdom.

Immense selection of numbers: choose your own digits


Today tens of thousands of virtual numbers in most cities, towns and countries around the world became available on Zadarma website. Now even the numbers in smaller towns are not selected randomly and you can choose a certain number to connect. 30-minute reservation is available for those numbers.

We have also expanded the coverage of numbers in Ukraine .

New version of "Click to call" widget


Zadarma presented an updated “Click to call” widget:

  • improved support for new versions of Safari;
  • added an option to create a response for browsers that do not support WebRTC;
  • added an option to change the text on the button from your personal account.

To enjoy all new features of the widget you need to update the widget code.

Upgraded PBX setup wizard


In your Personal Account you can now access an upgraded setup wizard, which will help you with initial Virtual PBX setup: it will create extension numbers, voice greetings or voice menu, assist you with making and receiving calls. You can try our new PBX right now.