Zadarma Project News: fifth page

New version of "Click to call" widget


Zadarma presented an updated “Click to call” widget:

  • improved support for new versions of Safari;
  • added an option to create a response for browsers that do not support WebRTC;
  • added an option to change the text on the button from your personal account.

To enjoy all new features of the widget you need to update the widget code.

Upgraded PBX setup wizard


In your Personal Account you can now access an upgraded setup wizard, which will help you with initial Virtual PBX setup: it will create extension numbers, voice greetings or voice menu, assist you with making and receiving calls. You can try our new PBX right now.

5 new PBX features and numbers in 15 regions


Free Zadarma PBX got 5 useful features at once:

  1. Lunch break during work hours for PBX (Autoresponder will know about all incoming calls during lunch);
  2. PBX statistics charts are now available for the past 92 days;
  3. ”Incoming/outgoing” filter was added for PBX statistics;
  4. Filter of the output was added for PBX statistics;
  5. Ability to choose a voice for the voice menu.

Also, we have added virtual numbers in 8 countries around the world:

Updated Zadarma widgets


Zadarma presented updated widgets - “Click to call” button and CallBack widget . With the help from “Click to call” widget, you can connect your customer to your manager right from the browser window - a nice button on your website represents a virtual phone on WebRTC basis.

CallBack widget in its turn will help you increase website’s conversion rate. The system tracks visitor’s unusual behavior on your website and shows a callback option.

As always, widgets are absolutely free, integrated with all systems (Zadarma PBX, CRM, web-analytics platforms) and have several design options, so that they adapt easily to your website. Increase your sales with widgets from Zadarma.

Updated quality control system for number


Unique quality control system for numbers, which excludes selling phone numbers that receive extraneous calls, was presented.