Zadarma Project News: second page

New PBX statistics filters


Updated PBX Statistics are available in the personal account: filters for convenient sorting of incoming calls were added.

We have also added new alerts about the lack of incoming lines on numbers. If there are not enough lines to not miss a call, we recommend increasing the number of channels in Virtual numbers

Test environment for work with Webhook

A test environment for learning and notifications set up (webhook) to test IVR performance created. Webhook description can be found on API page, you can activate the test environment in API and integrations in your personal account.

Even more channels for multichannel numbers


In your personal account you now can purchase additional channels – virtual number incoming lines. In Virtual numbers you can connect the number of channels you need and see how many channels are available for the number by default.

New currencies - Pound and Zloty


New currencies are now available to make payments in our service – pound and zloty. To change the currency go to My Profile – Calls in your personal account.

5 incoming lines on Spain numbers and our summer deal


New virtual numbers in Spain now have 5 incoming lines (number of outgoing lines depends on your phone system bundle).

We are also reminding you that our summer deal for virtual numbers is still going on. Until August 31st, you can get numbers in 5 countries with 30% off: