Zadarma News: second page

Holiday gifts from Zadarma


The holiday season is here and so are our traditional holiday gifts. This year we are offering:

  • +10% to every account balance top-up until January 8, 2023, with the promo code NEWY2023
  • 30% off Office and Corporation price plans for 1 month

Enter a promo code in your personal account before January 8, 2023: for EU: OFEU23, COEU23; USA/Canada: OFUSA23, COUSA23; Switzerland: OFSW23, COSW23; World: OFWRL23, COWRL23; Americas: OFAM23, COAM23; Ukraine: OFUK23, COUK23; Kazakhstan: OFKZ23, COKZ23.

We wish you a peaceful and productive year. Stay connected in 2023!

New API methods: end-to-end analytics in CRM


End-to-end analytics methods added to API for free Zadarma CRM:

  • create tags for different sources (including UTM-tags for calls using Zadarma call tracking) and transfer information to your system
  • handle deals within your CRM system — create, assign status, budget, responsible manager, add deal feed

When using several phone numbers or Zadarma call tracking, source tags are created automatically and you can analyse their effectiveness on the Analytics page.

Black Friday starts on Tuesday - 30% off everything!


Black Friday offer on price plans and virtual phone numbers is taking off.

  1. 30% off monthly fees for 2 months. Enter one of the promo codes depending on the call region and plan type:

    Office price plan - OFBF2022EU, OFBF2022USA, OFBF2022AM, OFBF2022WRL, OFBF2022SW, OFBF2022UKR, OFBF2022KZ.

    Corporation price plan - CRBF2022EU, CRBF2022USA, CRBF2022AM, CRBF2022WRL, CRBF2022SW, CRBF2022UKR, CRBF2022KZ.

  2. 30% off monthly fees for six months when connecting new numbers in 16 countries:

The offer is valid until December 10, 2022.

Zapier and Zadarma CRM integration

We have significantly upgraded the functionality of our integration with Zapier platfrom:
  • integration with Zadarma CRM — lead and client creation, adding information to the client feed, adding and updating tasks
  • incoming SMS messages forwarding added

Emailing via Zadarma CRM


Using an integration between email and Zadarma CRM you can send and receive emails within the CRM system. You can connect different mailing services to one account and create leads from incoming mail from unknown addresses automatically.

Integration with email will take only a few minutes, and encryption will guarantee the security of your data.