Zadarma News: second page

Zadarma and Odoo integration


Please welcome our new free integration of Zadarma PBX with the popular ERP and CRM system Odoo:

  • Automatic contact creation and name display on an IP phone
  • Call recordings and incoming SMS
  • Call recognition inside the Odoo interface
  • Automatic call routing to the responsible manager

Detailed instructions for setting up the integration can be found here.

Simple price plans for PBX users and free call recording


Introducing new PBX features – now all extensions (PBX users) have the ability to record calls for free, which greatly simplifies price plans. At the same time, the number of free users with access to all functions has expanded, in different price plans:

  • Standard and Economy – 5 users
  • Office – 10 users
  • Corporation – 20 users

In each price plan, you can also connect additional PBX and CRM users. To use new features, you need to activate one of the price plans. Stay tuned!

Teamsale CRM and Google Calendar integration


Our free CRM system Teamsale received two-way integration with Google Calendar. Now you can:

  • Create events in CRM, and they will be automatically added to the Google Calendars of all participants (also synchronize already created tasks with Calendar)
  • Create events in Calendar, and they will become tasks in Teamsale
  • Work with an event in only one of the systems, and thanks to full synchronization, changes will instantly be reflected in the interface of the other system.

Google Calendar integration can be enabled in Teamsale under the Settings/Calendar tab.

Zadarma and Pipedrive integration


Introducing our integration with sales management CRM system Pipedrive.

Integration features:

  • Calls in one click
  • Call recordings and incoming SMS in client's Pipedrive feed
  • Contact creation during an incoming call from a new number or an outgoing call to a new number
  • Speech recognition for call recordings
  • Automatic incoming call routing to the responsible manager
  • Client name display on your IP phone during incoming calls

As always, the integration is absolutely free. Detailed instructions are available via this link.

Connect numbers for a year at even lower rates


Connect new phone numbers for a year with a discount. You can now choose virtual number subscription type: with monthly or yearly payments.

Lower yearly rates are also available for Office and Corporation price plans, that include numbers and outgoing call minutes, as well as additional PBX features.