Zadarma News: third page

eSIM — Internet access around the world


Connect eSIM to your device and enjoy fast internet in 150+ countries. Packages start at 7 days and 1 GB of traffic, you can select a certain country or even a region, continent, or the entire world.

Fast connection and affordable rates - simply purchase the service, scan the QR code and enable eSIM.

Packages and regions can be found on the eSIM page, and here you check the detailed setup instructions.

Important: your device must support eSIM technology.

Shopify integration


Welcome Zadarma telecom integration with the largest eCommerce platform Shopify. The platform allows you to create and support online stores and scale your business.

Integration features:

  • Client calls from Shopify
  • Client card pop-up during incoming calls
  • New client creation during calls from unknown numbers
  • Quick Zadarma callback widget placement to your online store

Detailed setup instructions here.

New numbers in 5 countries

Our variety of virtual phone numbers has been expanded by numbers in 5 countries

Auto dialer and bulk emailing from Teamsale CRM


Two important features were added to Teamsale CRM — free CRM system from Zadarma:

  • Auto dialer — you can now call a list of numbers. If there was no answer, the next call will begin in 5 seconds. If the call was successful, you can move on to the next one by clicking a button. For instance, you can call a list of your potential clients and our CRM system will automatically create new leads (if the feature is enabled) - you won't have to import a database of numbers.
  • Bulk emailing — thanks to Teamsale CRM integration with different email services, you can send emails to several clients at once. Simply select a sender and a mailing list (up to 100 recipients). You can also view replies to all emails within the Teamsale CRM interface.

SMS for business: bulk messaging and customizable templates


Welcome the new SMS features from Zadarma:

  • updated user-friendly interface for receiving and sending messages
  • bulk messaging for default and personal templates
  • instant SMS service

There are 100+ customizable SMS templates to choose from where you can add your own details. You can also create your own template and use it for bulk messaging after verification. Save time and increase sales with targeted messages - communicate with customers and partners via SMS.