Zadarma News: third page

New ZCRM features: deals, speech recognition, convenient features


Free Zadarma CRM system now has several new features.

  • Deals. Track all client transactions with a convenient new Deals tab;
  • Call transcription. You can look up a certain call in ZCRM interface;
  • Customizable tables. You can add more required columns to tables in Customers, Leads, Teams, Tasks and Deals tabs;
  • Filters “Any responsible employee” and "Tasks". These new filters will make searching and sorting contacts more convenient;
  • Exporting selected contacts. You can now export selected customers and leads.

More about ZCRM new capabilities in our blog.

Zadarma API biggest expansion yet: 60+ new methods


Functionality of open Zadarma API has been increased. Over 60 new methods in three different categories were added:

  1. Choosing and connecting phone numbers;
  2. Enabling and setting virtual PBX (as well as IVR music files);
  3. Reseller account creation and settings (these features are available upon request).

Coverage expansion and lowered mobile number prices


New mobile numbers are now offered in these 5 countries — Austria, Italy, Colombia, Lithuania , Malaysia.

And monthly fees on mobile numbers for the following countries have been lowered: Australia and France.

Creating multilevel voice menu yourself


A library for working with IVR with API was created. You can now create a multilevel voice menu for PBX for any requests. All you need is to download the library to your web-server and edit configurations file.

An example for voice menu creation and IVR details can be found in our blog.

800 numbers in Poland without monthly fees and new toll-free numbers


800 numbers in Poland are now offered without monthly and connection fees. Poland is the sixth country that we are offering toll-free numbers in on such conditions, previously it became available for 0800 numbers in the UK, toll-free numbers in the USA, Canada, Russia and Ukraine.

New toll-free numbers are also available in the Netherlands and Switzerland, Costa Rica, Dominica, El Salvador, Jordan .