Zadarma Project News: third page

Even more incoming lines on virtual number


We have increased the number of incoming lines to three for new virtual numbers in 20 countries. The feature is already available during number connection, and the monthly fee remains the same.

You can also extends the quantity and purchase additional lines on the Virtual numbers page in your personal account.

Extended virtual number coverage


We are now offering virtual numbers in these new countries: Angola, Ethiopia, and Jordan.

We have also significantly lowered connection fees for 800 numbers in Poland and monthly fees for numbers in Mexico.

UTM and call page transfer in call tracking API


We have added transfer of utm tags and addresses of pages from which the call originated to Call tracking API. You can now integrate free call tracking with any CRM or analytics system.

  • utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign, utm_term, utm_content — tag used by the visitor to access your website last time;
  • first_utm — an array of utm tags (utm_source, utm_medium etc.), used to access your website the first time. First_utm is only transferred if the tags differ from the ones used during the last visit;
  • url — address of the page from which the call was initiated.

France virtual numbers – extended coverage and simplified connection terms


We have extended the coverage of virtual numbers in France : added numbers in 15 cities in France, simplified connection, increased free lines up to 5 for each phone number.

Also, due to the changes implemented by French providers, the price of calls to landline numbers in France from numbers outside the EU is changing starting January 22nd. We recommend confirming or connecting a number from an EU country for the most favorable call conditions.

+10% to all payments and other holiday gifts


Our service would like to wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We would like to thank you once again for a productive year and, of course, gift you some presents:

  • +10% to all payments: enter code NY2020 on the payment page;
  • − 20% discount for three months on the Office bundle in any region;
  • − 20% discount for monthly fees for a whole year on new numbers in 20 cities around the world.

You can find promo details and all codes on our blog page. The offer is valid until January 6th. We wish you a successful 2020!