Zadarma Project News: third page

5 incoming lines on Spain numbers and our summer deal


New virtual numbers in Spain now have 5 incoming lines (number of outgoing lines depends on your phone system bundle).

We are also reminding you that our summer deal for virtual numbers is still going on. Until August 31st, you can get numbers in 5 countries with 30% off:

Zendesk and Zadarma virtual PBX integration


An integration with a popular CRM system Zendesk is now available in your personal account ( link to the setup manual). The official integration is absolutely free and performs without third-party modules.

Integration features:

  • Zadarma webphone built into Zendesk interface, ability to call clients in one click from the browser;
  • Pop-up client card during incoming and outgoing calls;
  • An integration of call statistics and recordings, ability to listen to the recordings straight from Zendesk interface.

30% off numbers in 5 countries


Hot summer deal – all summer long we are offering 30% off monthly fees for 6 months for virtual numbers in 5 countries:

The offer is valid until September 1st, 2019 for the numbers connected during this period. Hurry up, pretty numbers are going away fast. Summer is here!

New feature: receive notifications via Viber


Now you can receive important notifications on your Viber app – missed calls, balance, incoming SMS messages and much more.

There are also integrations available with Facebook messenger, Slack and Telegram.

Integration manual for PBX and your own CRM-system


Especially for CRM/ERP/Desk system developers we have created a detailed integration manual with Zadarma free PBX. Integration includes all popular telephony features: outgoing calls from the interface, pop-up call notifications (including missed calls), call statistics and recordings, automatic lead or contact creation during calls from unknown numbers, automatic call routing, contact blacklist.

Our specialists are ready to test your completed integration and place the instruction on our website with a link to your system, as well as offering special partnership conditions.