Zadarma News: fourth page

Toll-free numbers - lower prices and larger selection in the UK, Russia and Ukraine


We continue helping businesses: lowered cost of incoming calls to 800 numbers in Russia connected with Zadarma service. New pricing: $0.06/min for calls from mobile numbers, $0.04/min for calls from landline numbers.

New and even more attractive freephone numbers are now available in two countries:

  • United Kingdom- free connection and great choice of numbers;
  • Ukraine - new 800 numbers with minimal connection cost and attractive incoming call rates.

Halloween 2020 discounts


The annual Halloween sale is taking off:

  • 20% and 30% off Office and Corporation bundles for 2 months;
  • 50% off monthly fees for numbers in 17 countries.

See the details in our blog post. The offer is valid until Friday, November 6th 2020.

Zadarma. Now in French.


We are proud to introduce the French version of our website – all Zadarma services and solutions have been localized for the convenience of French-speaking countries. Our clients can also receive technical support in French. Bonjour!

API: new methods for working with numbers and new page interface


New methods for working with number are now available in Zadarma API:

  • list of countries and destinations a number can be purchased in;
  • information about clients’ numbers and numbers available for connections;
  • automatic extension status change;
  • Caller Name setup;
  • assigning numbers to SIP and test mode enabling.

The new API page interface is also available for convenient access to information on all Zadarma API methods.

Updated Zadarma app for Android – even more features


We regularly update Zadarma app for Android, and this time around we have added several useful features.

Zadarma 2.2.37 updates:

  • Create an audioconference inside the app - make a call, click a conference icon, invite participants from your contacts and press #;
  • Choose a separate ringtone for each virtual number;
  • Android 11 support;
  • VAD disabling for improved audibility
  • Improved Bluetooth performance

Wait for the automatic update or do it manually from Google Play.