Zadarma News: fourth page

Coverage expansion and lowered mobile number prices


New mobile numbers are now offered in these 5 countries — Austria, Italy, Colombia, Lithuania , Malaysia.

And monthly fees on mobile numbers for the following countries have been lowered: Australia and France.

Creating multilevel voice menu yourself


A library for working with IVR with API was created. You can now create a multilevel voice menu for PBX for any requests. All you need is to download the library to your web-server and edit configurations file.

An example for voice menu creation and IVR details can be found in our blog.

800 numbers in Poland without monthly fees and new toll-free numbers


800 numbers in Poland are now offered without monthly and connection fees. Poland is the sixth country that we are offering toll-free numbers in on such conditions, previously it became available for 0800 numbers in the UK, toll-free numbers in the USA, Canada, Russia and Ukraine.

New toll-free numbers are also available in the Netherlands and Switzerland, Costa Rica, Dominica, El Salvador, Jordan .

Zadarma in Galaxy Store


For the convenience of our user, Zadarma app for Android was added to Galaxy Store.

You can learn all about its features and setup in the detailed manual.

New API method - authorisation by call


A new method is available in Zadarma open API interface, which helps companies with their systems, website and projects to automatically verify customer phone numbers. It can be useful for registering your own clients or for two-factor authentication.

It works in a simple way: machine calls a client and tells the digits set by you. You are only paying for a short outgoing call.