Zadarma News: fourth page

Free Ukraine number renewal


In order to maintain a stable connection, phone numbers and price plans in Ukraine have been renewed for one month for all our Ukrainian clients.

Updated automatic payment system — always stay in touch


We are introducing the new automatic payments system. Now you can automatically top up your account balance using preset parameters - on a certain date, when reaching a low balance or for numbers and price plan fees.

For added security only three automatic payments per month are allowed.

We recommend setting up an automatic payment in your personal account and always stay connected!

France mobile numbers - best cost and best connection terms


Our service has become an MVNO-operator, and we now offer our own mobile numbers in France with access to calls and SMS.

In honour of this event, we are offering 50% off monthly fees for six months for French mobile numbers. The offer is valid until May 1, 2022.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


This productive year is coming to its end, and it’s time to see what we have achieved and give away presents. As always, we would like to thank you, our clients, for entrusting us with your communication. We appreciate it and have prepared these 4 gifts for you:

  • 10% to all top-ups until January 11, 2022
  • 40% and 30% off Corporation and Office price plans in all regions
  • free speech recognition minutes even for free price plans
  • 50% discount on numbers in 22 countries

You can find promo codes and offer details in our blog. There you can also see our main accomplishments, including the products and services we have introduced in 2021.

We wish you and your business health and flourishing, to maintain and multiply what you already have. And we will be here for you for many years to come. Happy holidays and, of course, stay connected next year!

Zadarma PBX 2.0


Welcome Zadarma PBX 2.0. The main changes occurred on the "Incoming calls and voice menu" page, particularly we have added multilevel voice menu settings, along with a graphic PBX constructor - you can now visually set up your telephone network as a block diagram. Switch to Zadarma 2.0 saving all your current settings via this link.

This is a beta version of the new PBX, in the following months more interface and functionality features will be added. You can contact us with any questions or suggestions via a support ticket.