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Zadarma and Twilio: Leading API providers' key features
zadarma vs twilio

VoIP providers have varied offerings - some more suited to a complex integration than others. It's essential that decision-makers understand the level of integration a provider can offer in order to select the right solution for your business situation. Realising your chosen provider can’t accommodate your requirements during implementation is a sure fire way to unnecessary frustration along with lost time and money.

Most smart firms will be using a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool to manage their customer pipeline. In addition, they will be using VoIP technology. Both these systems deliver significant business benefits, but it's a new wave of innovation that sees such systems working seamlessly together to achieve maximum value.

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Leading Softphone App Solutions
Softphone Apps

When we talk about VoIP, services like Skype or WhatsApp come to mind. But if we want it for professional use, with features such as virtual PBX, we have to take it a step further and look for softphone apps that go beyond making a call or video chats with friends.

There are plenty of softphone options available on the market. They allow you to put the office phone inside your smartphone mobile, which frees you from the need to be tied to the table to receive or make calls with the company number.

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Comparing The Best VoIP systems: Zadarma vs 8x8
zadarma vs 8x8
Business operations have been forced to transition to remote, home working in recent months. Reliable virtual communication and the adoption of VoIP, has become a critical factor to keep firms moving. VoIP transforms outgoing or incoming calls into a digital signal and sends it through the internet, converting it to a standard telephone signal to reach a non-VoIP number. This allows you to receive business calls on your personal mobile device.
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Adding a lead to CRM system using a lead generation form on your website with API
Zadarma crm

With an open API interface you can connect Zadarma free CRM to any client connection channel.

One of the simplest and most popular channels is a form on the website. Below you can find an example of a fully functional request form or feedback and Lead creation form in ZCRM based on this information.

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Recording your sales calls: How to simplify the process of recording your sales calls over the phone?
recording sales over the phone
As most of the world is upgrading to VoIP, client-centric, sales-driven businesses question, how easy is it to record calls? Recording business calls is not difficult, nor technical. Most VoIP vendors offer some form of call recording feature, whether it is included free or charged as an additional extra
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Zadarma vs RingCentral: What to look for, when choosing VoIP software
zadarma vs ringcentral
Many business decision-makers are VoIP curious but often lost when researching their selection. Many providers offer feature variations of the services at additional costs - making it feel overwhelming when comparing options. The most important question is always ‘what’s best for my business?’ Let’s explore how we can find the right answer to that broad question.
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Zadarma and Vonage: comparison of top VoIP providers
zadarma vs vonage

VoIP providers have varied offerings, so it’s important to select the right solution for your business situation and maximise the benefit of this exciting accessible technology.

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How to embrace the new normal: Virtual communication post Covid
the new normal
Since the Covid-19 coronavirus crisis hit, you may have been surprised at just how many phone and video (VOIP) calls you have had to make to colleagues or your customers. Employees and business leaders have become aware of just how important it is to stay in contact. Easy, fluid communication across networks of clients, customers, and suppliers has proven pivotal to keeping business alive.
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Simple and free video conferencing from Zadarma
video conferencing zadarma

In the era of the Internet and globalization, an increasing number of companies are opening offices in different cities and countries. In such situations, the issue of communication between employees is especially vital.

In the moments, when a personal meeting is impossible, you can benefit from our free video conferencing service.

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Stay at home: How to organize remote work
Remote work tips

At first, it may seem that remote work is something cool. You can sleep longer, you don’t need to go anywhere. You get up, open the laptop in your bed - and are ready for work.

But over time, many people begin to notice that their productivity is declining. And the truth is there are too many things at home that can distract you from productive work.

So how do you avoid the traps and do it right?

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How to keep working when schools are closed, and you have to stay at home and take care of the children?
Working from home with kids
The impact of the coronavirus has exposed a very important factor: many companies are not prepared to move their employees to remote working, but when the government closes schools and kids are sent home there is no other option. The problem has been especially apparent for those who need workers to be on the phone to receive/make calls.
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Business emergency plan in 10 minutes for coronavirus outbreak
Remote work
COVID-19, better known, and feared, as coronavirus, is marking the news since the beginning of 2020. There are already tens of thousands of cases and the number of countries affected is growing exponentially. Without getting into medical and social implications, we can already see that it is having a significant effect on businesses in different ways worldwide. No day goes by without hearing that some company is sending home all the workers – what can have major repercussions on that firm and on business in general.
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How to open a budget call center in 5 steps
Zadarma call center

Call center can be rightfully called the face of the company, as for many clients it is where the first interaction with the business takes place. Because of that, the right call center organization is an important and responsible task.

Learn how to organize it on a budget and in only five steps.

Spoiler alert: you won’t even need a separate space.

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Brexit uncertainty: the potential return of roaming
Communications after Brexit
After almost four years of uncertainty, Great Britain is now ready to separate from the EU and both sides have only 11 months to prepare for the transition. The number of ways in which the UK and EU businesses will be affected is too large to count. While most of the aspects were widely discussed by the media, communications were mainly left on the side bench. Let’s learn how businesses will be affected and what are the ways to avoid it (or maybe to get even better off)
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4 Reasons Online Businesses Should Use a Free CRM
Why online businesses need CRM
Building solid and lasting customer relationships are the foundation of every successful online business. That's why organizations should invest in a CRM system. Thankfully, there are many free CRM tools on the market that can help startups and small online businesses build better and stronger relationships with their customers.
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What is Voice over IP?
what is voip
VoIP technology has become a part of daily communications for many businesses. We have organized types and benefits of VoIP so you can learn all about it.
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CallBack VS Click-to-Call
CallBack vs Click-to-call

CallBack and Click-to-Call widgets can come across as similar tools with the same goals: create communication channels, support client or sell products/services, increase sales conversion.

But many businesses have a reasonable question: which one would be more effective and which to choose for your website. Check our simple explanation on how the two differ.

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5 Call Tracking Metrics & Tactics Each Tech Startup Should Consider
call tracking metrics and tactics
In the modern world where various chat tools are being developed every other day, it is easy to overlook one of the most compelling communication tools - a phone call. Learn how to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns with the help of call tracking.
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Why integrate VoIP with CRM?
Zadarma and Zendesk integration
Having a comprehensive customer relationship management system can be essential for a successful business. They allow users to have organized records of all their prospects, leads and clients. How can VoIP enhance such systems and what can they bring to the table?
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Integrating telephony and your own CRM-system or business-software
The businesses that can analyze correctly and use multiple applications for correct operational activities and customer records usually prevail in competitive markets. Frequently, independently developed programs are responsible for that. And in general, numerous (for example) modern CRM-systems are systems that have initially been developed for a certain task, and then thanks to their convenience and functionality launched in the market as a separate product.
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