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VoIP Phones Offer an Ideal Solution for Small Business Telecom
VoIP for small businesses
The role of an efficient phone system in successful businesses is often underrated. Many of your customers make their first contact with you through a phone call. Long-standing customers also often call with new orders or inquiries. The impression they get from the way those calls are handled can make all the difference. VoIP provides small businesses access to communications features and productivity-enhancing tools previously only available in large business phone systems.
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How to Increase Website Conversion By Using Call Tracking: Six Tips, And Mistakes to Avoid
increase website conversion with call tracking
In the modern world, we tend to focus analysis of customer behaviour on their online activities, while calls tend to convert to sales 10-15 times more often. Learn how call tracking can help your business significantly increase conversion.
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Statistics: How to Growth Hack Your Website Conversion Using Callback Widget
Growth hack conversion with callback
Callback widget can increase conversion rates of your website by dozens or even hundreds percent. However, the overall efficiency of this tool depends on a bunch of factors. Learn how to make the maximum from this technology and avoid common mistakes.
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Webhook for IVR: create your own voice bot
Zadarma IVR
With the help of Zadarma API and Webhooks, you can make a multilevel voice menu and create your own robot secretary or auto informer with a link to your database.
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Who Needs a Cloud PBX?
who needs cloud pbx
Telecom technology can supply tools that help businesses reduce expenses while still satisfying rising client demands. Many firms have already discovered that cloud PBX networks bring substantial capital and maintenance cost savings. Learn if a Cloud PBX can help you too.
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Five Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Business Phone System
5 mistakes to avoid
The business phone system is a good example of an indispensable feature of our working lives regularly taken for granted. Learn what mistakes to avoid when selecting the best fit for your business.
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VOIP and your Disaster Recovery Plan
VoIP and DRP
Disaster Recovery Plan is essential for every company. Learn why it is important to include VoIP in your DRP.
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What is a Cloud PBX?
what is cloud PBX
The Cloud PBX is a telephone system within a company that enables users to communicate internally within the organization, and externally with the outside world. The Cloud PBX is based on cloud computing technology, it significantly reduces the cost of the phone system and provides companies with a wide range of benefits.
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Great reasons to integrate your CRM with a business phone system
CRM and business phone system
Zadarma’s free Business Phone System supports integrations with top CRM systems: Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Bitrix24, AmoCRM, RetailCRM and others. Our official integrations include a wide range of useful features and they can be easily setup with a few clicks.
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Make your business international in 5 minutes
International business in London and NYC
Our customers frequently ask how they can buy a virtual number in a foreign country and make their business international. Here’s a quick explanation of how you can expand the geographical range of your business for just 5 USD per month!
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Business phone service for the price of a burger
A telephone and a burger
Many people still believe that business phone systems are expensive and complicated. We’d like to change your mind and to show you an example of how you can make a good use of office phone solutions.
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Improve Your Customer Service Process With These Productivity Tools
Customer Service
Integrated and scalable platforms for better communication, response, and service to the people who drive your business
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