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The benefits of white labelling VoIP services for your customers
White label VoIP
The ongoing growth of VoIP continues to be accelerated by the prolonged impact of Covid-19 and the rise in remote working. Businesses are experiencing the advantages of VoIP’s cost-efficiency and reliability and now you can pass these benefits onto your own customers very easily.
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The advantages of integrating CRM
Zadarma CRM
Your business phone or telephony service and CRM system are two technology tools that most businesses will have in place. Telephony service is a software interface that integrates with a physical telephone device to perform actions like dialling phone numbers and logging calls. This enables you to keep track of call efficiency regarding interactions with customers and suppliers. It will make your business more strategic, analytical, operational, collaborative and above all more efficient.
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Zadarma Open API - Number connection from your interface
Zadarma API numbers and documents

Most businesses require end-user identification for effective number connection.Today we are discussing Zadarma’s API that allows your customers to connect numbers and submit their own ID verifications. With Zadarma’s API, you will be able to connect and manage virtual numbers from your own web interface without needing to go into your Zadarma personal account.

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Hidden PBX features you didn't know about
Zadarma PBX features

If you are a business looking to centralise your telecommunications then VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) cloud communications and the adoption of a Private Business Exchange (PBX) should be front of mind. A cloud PBX is a virtual business phone providing private communication that can be used within any organisation. PBX users can communicate internally within their company and externally with customers and suppliers.

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Voicemail transcription - how to read the messages when you cannot listen to them
Zadarma voicemail transcription

Voicemail is one of the Zadarma Cloud PBX features that can be helpful both for business and personal use. We have recently introduced a new useful feature – voicemail transcription and forwarding the transcribed text to Zadarma apps or email.

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How to integrate a web phone into your system?
Zadarma WebRTC

Calls straight from the browser without additional apps and settings might not be a world’s wonder, but it is a useful feature. With Zadarma API you can integrate such a webphone into your web app or any system.

Let’s talk more about placing WebRTC on your website.

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Custom tables, deals and other new Zadarma CRM features

Free Zadarma CRM system recently got several new features.

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Intelligent IVR - multilevel voice menu via API

Voice menu is one of the most vital tools for incoming calls. IVR can introduce clients to useful information and direct them to certain employees and departments. Today one level of voice menu might not be enough, let’s learn how to create a multilevel IVR with Zadarma API.

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What is an 0800 business number? And what are business advantages?
800 numbers Zadarma
What is an 0800 number? An 0800 number is a completely free phone line - if you establish an 0800 number for your business, your customers can call as often as they like without incurring any call costs. So what are the advantages? And how can an 0800 number help boost your business? These are commonly asked questions. Zadarma will run you through what we see as the key advantages of adopting an 0800 free phone number for your business.
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How to improve sales calls quality with speech analytics?
Zadarma speech analytics

What is speech analytics? And how can this be valuable to my business? These are common questions - so let’s explore them and try to bring some clarity. Speech Analytics is the process of analysing recorded audio, often used when analysing VoIP calls to help spot trends and patterns within customer interactions. Speech analytics functionality can also be extended across businesses through customer contact channels including social media, email, text and webchat. Zadarma partners with premier speech recognition specialists and provides a top-quality recognition & analytics service with incredible accuracy. There are several key ways that businesses are leveraging the benefits of speech analytics to improve call performance as well as become more efficient. The power of speech analytics can often get overlooked, and it’s worth taking your time to understand its benefits so you don’t miss out on the advantage this functionality offers.

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Authorisation with a phone call
user authorisation with a call

Zadarma's new API method allows companies to verify client phone numbers via a call. This verification is much cheaper than SMS and will suit most websites and apps.

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The Benefits of Speech Analytics
Zadarma speech analytics
Of the many advantageous VoIP services Zadarma has introduced to business owners, speech analytics stands out as being especially powerful. This tool parses speech into data, which is then subject to analytical processing. Consider the wealth of information in our conversations and it’s easy to see how when used effectively, speech recognition has the potential to transform business operations as a whole by supercharging business intelligence. This transformation is particularly powerful in businesses operating with call centres, sales departments, information desks or active support or hotlines.
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Video Conferencing in ZCRM
Video Conferencing ZCRM
Integrating your VoIP solution with your CRM enables any member of your customer service or sales team to provide a more personalised customer service experience to each inbound and outbound client call. Utilising a simple, unified video conferencing solution with screen sharing empowers remote and dispersed teams to collaborate.
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5 marketing insights you can gain from calls
5 Insights from Calls
If your business communicates with customers via the phone, you might be missing out on valuable insight into your marketing performance. It’s an often overlooked area, perhaps because it’s hitherto been difficult to join the information points together. A VoIP system can solve this problem and open up a new and exciting world of marketing analytics. Marketers who are only tracking clicks and online conversions are not getting a full or true picture of their marketing performance. Phone calls hold valuable marketing and customer insights, revealing information about your marketing performance and your customers' path through your sales and purchase stages.
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What is IVR and is it overrated?
Zadarma IVR

IVR is a technology with advanced capabilities, allowing a computer to interact with humans through voice or keypad tones. IVR systems can respond with pre-recorded audio to direct users. This technology has significant benefits. When deployed in the network it can handle large call volumes and is often used for outbound calling as it’s smarter than most predictive dialer systems.

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What is Residential VoIP and is it right for your home?
Residential VoIP
When we talk about Voice Over IP (VoIP) most of us will be thinking about a business phone service rather than the use within the home. But with the majority of homes having high-quality broadband internet connection, your home has a pre-running data network to easily adopt this exciting technology.
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Speech Recognition: What is it and how does it work?
Zadarma voice

New Speech Recognition feature is available as a part of free Cloud PBX. Now you can transform all your conversations into text format for further analysis.

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7 reasons why every startup needs a VoIP system
Zadarma Startups
Most startups have a focus on rapid, agile company growth. In the early years, customer acquisition is often an absolute priority - demonstrating a startup's place in the market is crucial in securing later rounds of fundraising. Let’s take a step back and consider the main driver of that customer acquisition strategy - innovation. How can a VoIP system support a startup's innovative drive whilst helping keep a control of costs?
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Leading VoIP providers
Leading VoIP provides

The adoption of VoIP in 2020 has skyrocketed. P&S Intelligence sighted recently that the VoIP software market is likely to surpass $30,441 Million by 2025. We are witnessing an accelerated adoption across the world. The increasing benefits of VoIP for both business and personal use, across the globe is clear. You may be asking yourself some of these questions during your VoIP discovery to sign up and purchase stage:

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Why Do Hotels Need VoIP?
voip for hotels

The hospitality sector has faced disruption from advances in technology. Agile hotel operators are able to realise profit opportunities, whilst others struggle to maintain existing business models. Ubiquitous adoption of smartphones has driven the need for app-based services across hotels. Hotel owners and managers recognise that by providing technologies like VoIP they can sustain and operate high-quality customer service and customer retention strategies. Cloud PBX (Business Phone System) solutions are being used increasingly across hotels globally with simple, smart solutions that integrate a variety of features through a central cloud communication platform.

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