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Make your business international in 5 minutes
International business in London and NYC
Our customers frequently ask how they can buy a virtual number in a foreign country and make their business international. Here’s a quick explanation of how you can expand the geographical range of your business for just 5 USD per month!
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Happy New Year from Zadarma
New gifts from Zadarma
Here are some of our results in 2017: 200 000 new users, 2 new unlimited price plans for international calls, updated personal profile, reduced cost on hundreds of phone numbers and dozens of destinations, new cloud PBX features as well as integrations with top CRM systems!
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Business phone service for the price of a burger
A telephone and a burger
Many people still believe that business phone systems are expensive and complicated. We’d like to change your mind and to show you an example of how you can make a good use of office phone solutions.
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Improve Your Customer Service Process With These Productivity Tools
Customer Service
Integrated and scalable platforms for better communication, response, and service to the people who drive your business
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