Zadarma New Year

On December 12 our company celebrated its 15th birthday. The past year was full of events and we would like to finish it off with our traditional marathon of discounts. New integrations, new price plans, new clients, new features - all that has also become our yearly tradition.

Here is what we have achieved in 2021:

  1. 10% bonus to all top-ups until January 11, 2022
  2. Our first present is bonus to top-ups. Simply enter a promo code NY2022 in your personal account and account balance will be credited with 10% of all top-ups made before January 11, 2022.

  3. 40% off for 2 months on CORPORATION price plans
  4. Enter promo code on the top up page NYEU22 (region - EU), NYUSA22 (region - USA/Canada), NYAM22 (region - Americas), NYWRL22 (region - World), NYSW22 (region - Switzerland), NYRF22 (region - Russia), NYUK22 (region - Ukraine), NYKZ22 (region - Kazakhstan).

  5. 30% off for 2 months on OFFICE price plans
  6. Enter promo code on the top up page NYEUOF22 (region - EU), NYUSAOF22 (region - USA/Canada), NYAMOF22 (region - Americas), NYWRLOF22 (region - World), NYSWOF22 (region - Switzerland), NYRFOF22 (region - Russia), NYUKOF22 (region - Ukraine), NYKZOF22 (region - Kazakhstan).

  7. Until January 11, 2022 we have increased free speech recognition minutes on all main price plans:

    Standard — 100 free recognition minutes

    Office — 500 free recognition minutes

    Corporation — 1000 free recognition minutes

    Monitor your calls without listening to them.

  8. 50% discount for 6 months on monthly fees for new numbers in 22 countries:
The offers are valid until January 11, 2022. Stay connected next year!