Rates for calls to Poland

To find out the call rates, enter the phone number or the country name:

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    Destination Economy Standard
    Poland - mobile$0.02$0.025
    Poland MVNO - mobile$0.02$0.025
    Poland NETIA - mobile$0.02$0.025
    Poland ORANGE - mobile$0.02$0.025
    Poland Play P4 - mobile$0.02$0.025
    Poland PLUS - mobile$0.02$0.025
    Poland T-Mobile - mobile$0.02$0.025
    Poland VAS$0.47$0.59
    Poland, Warsaw$0.0120

    To make a call from EU number you need to verify or purchase a number in any EU country, set this number as CallerID in «SIP-settings» or «Internal numbers». You can also place calls from and to different countries under PBX (Outgoing calls).

    Destination Economy Standard
    Poland - mobile$0.125$0.15
    Poland MVNO - mobile$0.125$0.15
    Poland NETIA - mobile$0.125$0.15
    Poland ORANGE - mobile$0.125$0.15
    Poland Play P4 - mobile$0.125$0.15
    Poland PLUS - mobile$0.125$0.15
    Poland T-Mobile - mobile$0.12$0.15
    Poland VAS$0.125$0.15
    Poland, Warsaw$0.0130

    Rates for calls

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