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    Destination Economy Standard
    Poland - mobile$0.02$0.025
    Poland MVNO - mobile$0.02$0.025
    Poland NETIA - mobile$0.02$0.025
    Poland ORANGE - mobile$0.02$0.025
    Poland Play P4 - mobile$0.02$0.025
    Poland PLUS - mobile$0.02$0.025
    Poland T-Mobile - mobile$0.02$0.025
    Poland VAS$0.12$0.15
    Poland, Warsaw$0.0120

    To make a call from EU number you need to purchase a number in any EU country, set this number as CallerID in «SIP Connection» or «PBX Extension numbers». You can also make calls to different countries using different numbers with PBX (Outgoing calls page).

    Destination Economy Standard
    Poland - mobile$0.125$0.15
    Poland MVNO - mobile$0.125$0.15
    Poland NETIA - mobile$0.125$0.15
    Poland ORANGE - mobile$0.125$0.15
    Poland Play P4 - mobile$0.125$0.15
    Poland PLUS - mobile$0.125$0.15
    Poland T-Mobile - mobile$0.12$0.15
    Poland VAS$0.472$0.59
    Poland, Warsaw$0.07$0.09

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