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    Destination Economy Standard
    Ukraine GOLDEN TELECOM - mobile$0.016$0.02
    Ukraine INTERTELECOM - mobile$0.016$0.02
    Ukraine Kyivstar - mobile$0.016$0.02
    Ukraine Lifecell - mobile$0.016$0.02
    Ukraine PEOPLEnet - mobile$0.016$0.02
    Ukraine UKRTELECOM - mobile$0.016$0.02
    Ukraine Vodafone - mobile$0.016$0.02
    Ukraine, Kyiv$0.016$0.02
    Ukraine, VAS$0.088$0.11

    To make calls from numbers in Ukraine you need to get a national number or Kyiv bronze number, set that number as CallerID in "SIP Connection" or "PBX extension numbers". Calls from these numbers are only available from Ukrainian networks within the country.

    Destination Economy Standard
    Ukraine GOLDEN TELECOM - mobile$0.183$0.22
    Ukraine INTERTELECOM - mobile$0.183$0.22
    Ukraine Kyivstar - mobile$0.183$0.22
    Ukraine Lifecell - mobile$0.183$0.22
    Ukraine PEOPLEnet - mobile$0.183$0.22
    Ukraine UKRTELECOM - mobile$0.183$0.22
    Ukraine Vodafone - mobile$0.183$0.22
    Ukraine, Kyiv$0.092$0.11
    Ukraine, VAS$0.088$0.11

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