Unlimited Tariff plan

Call to any of 80 largest countries in the world for only $22 per month.

You get 2000 minutes to 80 countries, plus 500 minutes on Russian mobiles

Price: $22  for 30 days.

More about tariff plan:

  • Billing is per second.
  • Premium routes of the highest quality.
  • Calls within the Zadarma network and incoming calls on virtual numbers are free of charge!
  • In order to avoid abuse, we have the following restrictions.
  • All rates shown in USD, including taxes.

Countries Available in Unlimited Tariff Plan:

Country Connection type
Albania fixed
Andorra fixed
Argentina fixed
Australia fixed
Austria (from EU only) fixed
Bangladesh fixed
Belgium (from EU only) fixed
Bermuda fixed and mobile
Brazil fixed
Brunei Darussalam fixed and mobile
Bulgaria: Sofia (from EU only) fixed
Cambodia fixed
Canada fixed and mobile
Chile fixed
China fixed and mobile
Colombia fixed
Cyprus fixed
Czech Republic fixed
Denmark fixed
Dominican Republic fixed
Estonia fixed
Finland fixed
France fixed
Germany fixed
Gibraltar fixed
Greece fixed
Guadeloupe fixed
Guam fixed and mobile
Hong Kong fixed and mobile
Hungary fixed
Iceland fixed
India fixed and mobile
Indonesia fixed
Ireland fixed
Israel fixed
Italy fixed
Japan fixed
Liechtenstein fixed
Luxembourg fixed
Macao fixed
Malaysia fixed
Malta fixed
Martinique fixed
Mexico fixed
Netherlands fixed
New Zealand fixed
Northern Mariana Islands fixed and mobile
Norway fixed
Panama fixed
Peru fixed
Poland fixed
Portugal fixed
Puerto Rico fixed and mobile
Romania fixed
Russian Federation fixed, mobile (from Russian Federation only) within 500 bonus minutes
San Marino fixed
Singapore fixed and mobile
Slovakia fixed
South Africa fixed
South Korea fixed
Spain fixed
Spain, Islas Canarias fixed
Sweden fixed
Switzerland fixed
Taiwan fixed
Turkey fixed
United Kingdom fixed
United States fixed and mobile
Uruguay: Montevideo fixed
USA, Alaska fixed and mobile
USA, Hawai fixed and mobile
Uzbekistan fixed
Venezuela fixed
Virgin Islands (u.s.) fixed

Rates for destinations not mentioned in tariff plan You can check in section «Rates for calls to all countries».