Setting automatic number identification (CallerID) for Outgoing Calls

You can choose any ofpurchased or verified number as your Caller ID when making outgoing calls from the PBX. The caller's number can also be transmitted when forwarding a call.

This are a few ways to setup CallerID when making calls from the PBX:

  • One number for all PBX outgoing calls: to set it, go to the SIP settings menu, open the SIP which the PBX is bound to, then select the wanted CallerID.
  • Different CallerIDs for outgoing calls from different internal numbers: to set it, go to the Internal Numbers settings menu, select a number in the 'Set your number as CallerID' menu and turn off the 'CallerID for direction' option.
  • Using different CallerID numbers for outbound calls in different directions (e.g. you can choose to make London calls from your London number and to make New-York calls from your New-York number). This feature can be set up in the 'Outgoing calls' menu section of your PBX. You need to set up number identification rules (certain CallerID numbers to be used when calling certain numbers). You can turn this function on and off for each of your PBX internal number separately in the 'Internal Numbers' menu section. That is also where you can set the default CallerID.
  • Transmitting caller's CallerID when forwarding: uncheck the 'Set your CallerID' option in Internal Numbers settings menu when configuring internal numbers which should forward caller's CallerIDs when forwarding calls. All CallerIDs will be forwarded except for those, received over alternative external line.
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