How to create and set up the extension numbers?

You can create extension numbers using either the PBX Wizard or the «My PBX», «Extension numbers» section.

Creating extension numbers in the PBX

Specify how many extension numbers you need and which digits they will start with (e.g. 100, 200, 300, etc).

Each extension number has 3 digits. For example, if you need 5 extension numbers and choose to start them with 200, you will have the following extension numbers: 200, 201, 202, 203, and 204.

More extension numbers can be added at any time..

Making changes to the extension numbers

You can change your extension numbers settings in your personal account in the «Extension Numbers» section.

For you convenience, it is recommended to name the extension numbers.

To setup the hardware/software for your extension numbers, use the details (server, login and password) on the left-hand side of the «Extension Numbers» section.

Note, the login details are not the same as the extension numbers. To set up the hardware/software use the login details mentioned above. Extension numbers are used to make phone calls only.

Setup instructions for many popular hardware and software can be found here.

Call forwarding

You can set up conditional or unconditional forwarding for any extension number. Conditional forwarding takes place when your hardware/software is inactive, or if you have not responded to the call within 20 seconds. To turn on the voicemail, fill in your email address in the call forwarding settings.


The fax function is assigned with the extension number 50. At the moment it is only possible to receive fax messages. The received fax messages are forwarded to your email address (used for registration at Zadarma) by default. If you want to forward the fax messages to another email address, see the «Extension Numbers» page.

Call Transfer and Call Pickup

To Transfer a received call, press #, followed by the extension number that you want to transfer the call to and then # again. For example: #101#.

To pick up the incoming call, answer the call and dial 40.

PBX switch off

You can switch off the PBX if you do not plan to use it. You cannot create and make calls to extension numbers if the PBX is switched off. The cloud PBX can be switched on again at any time later on.

Set up the cloud PBX