How to create and set internal numbers?

You can create internal numbers both in Wizard and in section «Internal numbers».

Internal numbers in PBX

Specify how many internal numbers do You need in your PBX and from what digit they will start.

All internal numbers are 3-digit numbers and if You, for example, create 5 numbers beginning from 200, then 200,201,202,203,204 will be added.

There is no need to add internal numbers «in advance», You can always increase their number.

Changing of PBX internal numbers

You can change the settings of internal numbers of PBX in section "Internal numbers"

For Your convenience we recommend to rename internal numbers(Latin letters allowed only).

To connect hardware/software use settings of internal numbers from the left(server, login and password).

Pay attention, login is not the same as internal number. For hardware/software setup use login and call on internal numbers.

Setup instructions for many popular hardware and software You can find here.

Traffic proxying

Disabling function of «traffic proxying» can decrease delay in conversation between internal numbers of PBX, but You can face problems with voice transmission if You use NAT. Disabling of proxying influence only on internal calls between users of one PBX.

Call forwarding

For any number You can make conditional and non-conditional call forwarding. In conditional call forwarding the call will be forwarded if the hardware/software is not active or there is no response during 40 seconds. to activate voicemail, set Your email in call forwarding settings.


Automatic fax is available on internal number 50. Currently You can receive faxes only. By default received faxes are forwarded on Email. You can change Email for faxes in section of number creating.

Call transfer and call pickup

To transfer received call: press button "transfer" or # on Your phone and dial number on which You wish to transfer the call.

To pickup incoming call: pick up the phone and dial 40.

PBX blocking

If You don't plan to use PBX for some time, You can block it. When PBX is blocked, it's impossible to connect to it and to make calls. Also if You order additional paid services of PBX, they won't be charged. After a while You can unblock it.

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