How to set incoming calls?

The main part of any PBX setup is to determine to whom and when the calls will be routed. In Zadarma IP PBX all incoming calls are routed accordingly to call scenarios.

There is separate incoming calls scenario for each user group and menu item.

You can set scenarios in two ways:

  • in Wizard (launches once PBX is created)
  • in "Incoming calls and voice menu"

Incoming calls will be routed to the lines set in scenario.

if You don't use voice menu, one scenario will be enough.

If You use voice menu or autoresponder, then You need to create scenarios for each menu item and for autoresponder.

In scenario You set which internal numbers will receive calls and in which priority.

There are 3 stages of call receiving. You can set which numbers will receive calls, in which priority and also delay between them.

Working hours

Our system works when You don't. You can activate autoresponder in non-working time and You will know about all calls in any time.

You can upload Your own audio file for autoresponder or input text and our system will read it. Further You set time and days of Your work, in the rest time will be working autoresponder.

You can set actions performed by autoresponder by creating separate scenario to work in Ā«autoresponderĀ» mode. It can be call forwarding on any phone, voicemail or fax, or on all of them.

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