How to set up the incoming calls scenarios?

Setting up the incoming calls scenario is one of the main features of the cloud PBX. In the Zadarma PBX all incoming calls are routed according to the setup call scenarios.

There is a separate incoming call scenario for each user group and menu item.

You can set up the scenarios in two ways:

  • In the PBX Wizard (the scenario launches once the PBX is created)
  • In the «Incoming calls and IVR» section of the personal profile.

Incoming calls are routed to the extension numbers you set up in the call scenarios.

  • If you do not use the voice menu, one call scenario will be enough.
  • If you use the voice menu or the autoresponder, you have to create a scenario for each menu item and for the autoresponder.

In each scenario, you have to set up which extension numbers will receive a call, and in what order. You can determine which extension number will be called, the order in which they are called, and the time delay between the calls.

Working hours

You cloud PBX works at any time. You can activate the autoresponder during non-working hours and stay informed about the calls that you have received during that time.

To set up the autoresponder, upload an audio file with a voice message, or type in the text you want to be read. Set up your working hours, and the system will activate the autoresponder automatically during the non-working hours.

You can also create your own call scenario for the autoresponder, and forward calls to any extension number, external phone numbers, voicemail or fax. (You can also set up the greeting message and the IVR for the autoresponder).

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