How to set up incoming calls routing?

One of the key features of PBX is to determine to whom and when the calls will be routed. In Zadarma IP PBX all incoming calls are routed accordingly to call scenarios.

There is a separate incoming calls scenario for each user group and menu item.

You can set up your scenarios in two ways:

  • in Wizard (launches once PBX is created)
  • in "Incoming calls and voice menu"

Incoming calls are routed to the lines (phone numbers) you set up in scenarios.

  • If you don't use voice menu, one scenario will be enough.
  • If you use voice menu or autoresponder, you have to create a scenario for each menu item and autoresponder.

For each scenario, set up what internal numbers will receive a call and in what order. There are 3 steps for each scenario. You can determine first, second and third numbers that will receive a call, as well as a delay between them.

Working hours

Our PBX works 24/7. You can activate autoresponder for the time outside of your working hours, and stay informed if someone called you.

To set up an autoresponder, upload an audio file with a desired message, or just type a text you want and our system will read it. Next, define your working hours, and the system will activate autoresponder automatically for the time you are not working.

Also, you can create it's own call scenario for autoresponder, and forward a call to any internal / external number, voicemail or fax, or on all of them. You can use IVR for this scenario too.

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