Call forwarding when the call recipient is offline

You can use call forwarding so you can receive calls when you do not not have internet access (for example, when you are out of the office). In this scenario, calls to your extension number are redirected to any third-party phone number of your choice.

Conditional or unconditional call forwarding can be enabled for each extension number. Conditional call forwarding works when your equipment (IP-phone/Soft-phone) is turned off, or when you are unable to pick up the phone for 20 seconds.

To enable the voicemail, type in the email address in the call forwarding settings. We do not recommend using «the voicemail to email address» option if you have already chosen to forward the calls to another phone number. In this case, «the voicemail to email address» scenario will override the call forwarding to another number.

To display the caller’s phone number (CallerID) when the call forwarding from certain extension numbers is enabled, uncheck the «Set your CallerID» option in those extension numbers (in the «Extension Numbers» section of your personal profile). All CallerIDs will be displayed, except those received from an external line (a non Zadarma phone number).

If you want to be notified that the call you are receiving is forwarded from another number, you can enable the «Notification about call forwarding» in the «Extension Numbers» section. In this case you receive a voice notification before the start of the conversation.

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