What is Zadarma Phone System (or cloud PBX) and how much does it cost?

PBX is an automated telephone station. It is used to connect all lines in an office, at home or in an enterprise.

Why it's called virtual, IP or cloud? Cloud or virtual PBX means that it's located on operator's servers (in cloud) and there is no need for user to install and maintain any hardware.

IP PBX allows to route your incoming and outgoing calls. You can set up a phone network in your office in couple of minutes and use all features of modern PBX.

Cloud PBX from Zadarma is FREE.

IP PBX from Zadarma lets you:

  • combine several offices in one network
  • set up phone system for your business in 5 minutes
  • move your office to any place in the world while keeping your existing phone numbers
  • save on system administration services
  • save up to 90% on outgoing calls due to special rates and free calls within Zadarma network
  • set up a call-centre with a very low budget
  • get a multichannel number in any city of the world and forward incoming calls anywhere
  • receive calls from your website via (Call meĀ») widget
  • forward calls in and out of office (for example, on mobile)
  • manage your business phone system (central office and branches): call statistics, permission to make outgoing calls for internal numbers, and many other

Why is it free?

There are many offers of cloud PBX on the market, but most of them are limited by capacity. As a result, providers demand to pay for each internal number (line).

Latest development of Zadarma cloud PBX raised it's capacity dramatically, which allowed us to offer it for free to our users.

Setup you free PBX