What is Zadarma Phone System (cloud PBX) and how much does it cost?

PBX is an automated telephone station. It is used to connect all of the phone lines in an office, at home or in an enterprise.

Why the PBX is called virtual, IP or cloud? Cloud or virtual PBX means that it is located on the operator’s servers (in the cloud) and there is no need for the user to install and maintain any hardware.

IP PBX allows you to route your incoming and outgoing calls. It enables you to set up a phone network in your office in a very short time and benefit from all of the advantages of a modern telephone station.

Zadarma Cloud PBX is absolutely FREE.

Cloud PBX from Zadarma allows you to:

  • combine several offices in one network
  • set up a phone system for your business in less than 5 minutes
  • move your office to any place in the world while keeping your existing phone numbers
  • save up on system administration services
  • save up to 90% on outgoing calls with special Zadarma rates and free calls within our network
  • set up a call-centre with a budget friendly telephone system
  • get a multichannel phone number in any city in the world and set up incoming call forwarding
  • receive calls from your website (via the «Call me» widget)
  • forward calls to and out of the office (for example, to your personal mobile phone)
  • manage your business phone system (central office and company branches) with call statistics, settings for permissions and restrictions for making calls from certain extension numbers, and many others

Why is the Zadarma Cloud PBX free?

Many companies offer cloud PBX, however most of them have a limited capacity, so the PBX providers charge clients for every new extension number/line.

Zadarma developers have created a unique solution that increased the capacity of our cloud PBX and we can offer it to our clients free of charge.

Set up you free PBX