Integration of Zadarma IP PBX with retailCRM

Setup instructions

Official integration of Zadarma free IP PBX with retailCRM works without additional modules and agents, providing maximal communication quality and reliability.

Zadarma-retailCRM integration is totally free.

Integration functions:
  • Calls to clients from retailCRM in one click.
  • Client cards pop-up on screen with incoming call.
  • Integration of call statistics and call recordings. Listen to call recordings directly in RetailCRM.
Zadarma IP PBX advantages:
Setup instructions

1. For an integration of Zadarma IP PBX and RetailCRM the following conditions need to be met:

  • You need to have an active Zadarma IP PBX that has been properly set up. Required settings: internal numbers should be created, from 1 to 50 (one for each employee). When needed, you should also activate call recording ("Call recordings to cloud") under "internal number settings". You should also set incoming calls scenario to the default “without pushing” under "My PBX" - "Incoming calls and IVR".
  • API authorization keys should be created in your personal Zadarma account. You can receive keys here: Settings - API, click on “get keys”. You will be sent an email with a confirmation link.
  • Internal IP PBX numbers need to be set up with active hardware/software to make and receive calls, for example softphone or IP-phone, or activate call forwarding to another number (this is a paid service).

2. In the Zadarma user web interface under "Settings" - "API and integrations” choose retailCRM.

In “Name of your CRM” copy address of your CRM, for example

Under “Key for access to API of your CRM” you need to copy the API key from the retailCRM user interface. Key can be found under “Administration - Integration - Key for access to API”

After entering the name of your CRM and key for access to API click on “Activate integration”.

On the following page, set up each retailCRM employee with a Zadarma internal IP PBX number, then click “Save”.

You will now receive the message “Data is successfully synchronized with RetailCRM.” Integration of Zadarma IP PBX with retailCRM is now complete.

3. To make an outgoing call from retailCRM simply click on the phone icon near the desired phone number.

At incoming calls you will receive a notification with the phone number and client's details at the bottom right corner of the page.

Under “Clients - Communications” you can view all call statistics or call statistics for a specific client. You can also listen to call recordings. To do so, make sure that “Call recording to the cloud” is activated under the internal IP PBX number setting under "My PBX" - "Internal numbers".