How to make calls?

To make a call, enter your PBX connection settings (look them up in «Internal lines» menu) for your IP-phones/gateways/softphones.

Setup instructions for many popular hardware and software you can find here.

Keep in mind, login is not the same as internal number. For hardware/software setup use login, and internal numbers are used to make calls in the network.

Number dialing format

By default, all numbers in Zadarma system are dialed in international format (for example Moscow 7495…). But many users get used to dial local numbers without country code.

To simplify work for such users, you can set which number to consider local and which not local in section «Outgoing calls». Just determine in which country and city you are located (set their prefixes), and then set prefixes for long-distance and international calls.

Call redirection

To redirect an incoming call: press button # on your phone, dial number on which you want to transfer the call and then again button # for example #101#.

To transfer call with voice notification press * intrernal number and # for example *101#.

To take an incoming call on your phone dial 40.

Setup your cloud PBX