How to make calls?

Before making a call, enter the PBX connection details (server, login and password can be found in «My PBX», under «Extension Numbers») in the IP-phone/gateway/softphone settings.

You can find the setup instructions for the most popular hardware and software here.

Note: the login in the «My PBX», «Extension Numbers» section is used for the device setup, and the three digit extension number is used for making a call.

Number dialling format

Many clients are used to calling local numbers without the country code. However, all phone numbers in the Zadarma system must be entered in international format (for example, if you are in London and want to make a call to a local phone number, you must dial 4420…, where 44 is the UK country code).

To make things easier, set which phone numbers will be considered local or non-local in the «My PBX», «Outgoing calls» section. Find the country and the city where you are located. Set its correct prefix and set the dial plan for international and long-distance calls.

Call redirection

To redirect an incoming call: press the phone’s # key on your phone, dial the number to which you want to transfer the call, followed by the # key. (Example: #101#)

To transfer a call with voice notification: press *, followed by the extension number you want to transfer the call to and the # key. (Example: *101#)

To use a call pick up (that allows you to pick up any incoming call that is ringing at another extension), answer the phone call and dial 40.

Set up your cloud PBX