What for can be used external lines?

IP PBX from Zadarma is an independent complex. For calls to external world PBX uses one of Your SIP logins.

You can change SIP login, on which PBX is working in section «External lines».

To SIP login You connect virtual numbers in any of 70 countries of the world.

By default, we provide 5 concurrent connections (5 channels). You can increase this number for free by writing to us in personal account.

Additional external line

If You have connected number not in Zadarma, You can connect it to PBX in this section. There are two variants of work with external line: 1. if the line connects to our server, choose «Gateway», 2. if our server connects to the line, choose «Server».

In «Additional external line» service we provide one incoming connection (one channel) for free. You can increase it to 5 channels for $9 per month. Outgoing calls are set in section «Outgoing calls».

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