How to use external lines with PBX?

To call to an external number, PBX uses one of your SIP logins.

You can change SIP login your PBX is working with in section «External lines».

You can connect an external virtual numbers from any of 70 countries to your SIP login.

By default, we provide 5 concurrent internal lines (5 channels) with your SIP. You can increase this number for free by sending us a request from your personal account.

Additional external lines

    If you use a phone number from another provider, not from Zadarma, you can still connect it to PBX. There are two ways to do that:

  • if you connect the line to our server, choose «Gateway»
  • if our connect the server to the line, choose «Server».

For non-Zadarma numbers, we provide one incoming line (one channel) for free. You can increase it up to 5 for $9 per month. You can set up your outgoing calls for additional external lines in section «Outgoing calls».

When you use 'Server' scenario to set up your external line, CallerID for incoming calls is displayed in the PBX and affects the execution of scenarios, but it is not transmitted when redirecting. To transfer CallerID when redirecting, you need to use Zadarma phone number.

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