How to use external lines in the cloud PBX?

Cloud PBX uses one of your SIP numbers to make calls.

The SIP number can be changed in the PBX settings in the «External lines» section.

Virtual numbers get connected to the SIP number and can be purchased at any time..

Each SIP provides 5 concurrent internal lines. You can get additional lines by sending us a request from your personal account.

Additional external phone lines

    There are two ways to connect phone numbers from external providers to your Zadarma cloud PBX:

  • If you connect the external line to our server, choose the «Gateway» mode.
  • If you connect the server to the external line, choose the «Server» mode.

We provide one concurrent call line (one channel) for the external (non-Zadarma) phone numbers. The amount of concurrent call lines can be increased to up to 5 lines for $9 per month. External phone lines can be set up in the «Outgoing calls» section in your personal profile.

If you use the «Server» mode to set up the external phone line, incoming calls CallerID is displayed in the PBX and this affects the scenario execution. In this case, the CallerID of incoming calls is not displayed on your phone if you used call forwarding from your external number to your mobile phone. To see the CallerID of incoming calls you need to buy and connect a Zadarma virtual phone number.

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