I don't want some calls to go over SIP

Zadarma app has filters. To access your filter tool, log on to account, press «Menu» and choose «Filters». In filters settings you will see the following functions:

  • Re-write (change number): this function lets you change numbers, for example, add prefixes and suffixes, or completely change number to another one, or to use special regexp commands (if you don't know what is regexp, do not use it)
  • Impossible to call: if you want to block calls to some numbers from this account, for example calls on some mobile phones and so on, you can create an exception rule. After that, when you calling over standard call function/phonebook in your phone, the app won't offer you to call over SIP; your phone will automatically call over mobile network.
  • Direct call: controversial function to the previous one. The call on set number will go over SIP automatically, not asking «how to call».
  • Auto-answer: if you want to use an auto-answer on some phone numbers, set them in this section. For example, this might be useful for «Callback» service.
  • Stop the filtering: specified number won't be processed by other filters, it will be transmitted «as is».